Why Is My Skin Always Tired?

Why Is My Skin Always Tired?

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“You look tired, do you get enough sleep?” These words are hardest to hear, especially when you are not.

Everyone desires a lush, glow-rious skin complexion. But, we all have days when tired and dull skin is unavoidable. Especially due to the hectic lives we lead. 

You might think your makeup hides your exhausted face, but tired skin is difficult to cover up. Therefore, a better solution is to treat it rather than putting on infinite layers of foundation (which will only worsen the problem). 

What Causes Tired Looking Skin?

To get your glowy skin back, you need to understand why your skin may have lost its radiance. There are many reasons this could be happening. In fact, something as minor as not cleansing properly can cause a dull and lifeless complexion. Here are five potential reasons that you need to know. 

#1 Dead Skin Cells

Our skin sheds a ton of dead skin cells every day, which pile up on each other and create a build-up on the skin. This layer of dead skin stops your skin from reflecting light giving your face a lifeless look. Think of dead cells buildup like dust. Until you wipe it clean, it will always prevent your skin from reflecting light and glowing

#2 Free Radicals

Pollution is another major factor for tired skin. The environmental aggressors create free radicals (molecules that harm cells in the body) on your skin, damaging collagen and increasing pigmentation. In short, free radicals make your skin dull and speed up ageing signs. 

#3 Skipping SPF

Skipping SPF is a skin sin that you should avoid at all costs. Exposure to the sun is the major cause to blame for your dull skin. These UV rays create free radicals on the skin resulting in an uneven and less lively look. 

#4 Unhealthy Lifestyle

Everything else is secondary; your diet greatly affects how your skin feels. Remember, you look what you put in, not what you put on. Lack of exercise, drinking alcohol, smoking, and eating food high in sugar, salt, and fat can devastate your skin. That’s why you must include superfoods into your diet to achieve the radiant skin you always craved. 

#5 Lack of Sleep (obviously)

This is an obvious one but seriously how many hours do you get each night? If you're getting 8 during the week and 4 over the weekend, that may be the culprit. Your skin renews itself when you sleep. This is due to the rise in melatonin (hormones that enable tissue repair) and a decrease in cortisol (the body's stress hormones). Just a few days of interrupted sleep can affect your skin complexion.

How To Repair Tired looking Skin

Now that you know the causes of tired skin, it’s time to rejuvenate your skin with some help from Blue Brew. Here are some natural skin care tips to look less tired. 

#1 Remove Your Makeup 

Going to bed with makeup on will lead to nasty breakouts that strip skin of its glow. Use micellar water or oil cleanser to remove your makeup properly. Wash your face in the morning and night to remove the dirt and stop the oil from clogging your pores. Follow it with your skincare and sleep with a clean look so your skin can regenerate. 
If you been drinking make sure that make up is removed! 

#2 Exfoliate

Exfoliate is simply deep cleansing that allows new skin cells to emerge. Your skin needs exfoliation a few times a week to remove the barriers of dead skin cells. In short, proper exfoliation uncover new cells that reveal even and radiant skin. 
Many people don't truly appreciate the power of exfoliation as they just think its cleaning your face but it is so much more.

#3 Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

For youthful skin, it is necessary to stay hydrated in and out. That’s why ensure you drink enough water and eat meals with high water content. Moreover, add hydrating factors like a moisturizer into your skincare routine to boost your skin glow.  
Around 60% of our body is water so yes Hydration is important for protecting you skin. 

#4 Apply SPF Daily

Always remember to apply SPF after you moisturize. Whether you stay at home or go out, putting on SPF is essential. The harsh UVA and UVB rays damage your skin, creating uneven skin tone and premature ageing. Ultimately giving a tired and dull skin.   
No matter where you are UV Rays are harmful to your skin and it does not need to be summer, be sure to use a moisturiser with SPF protection.

#5 Incorporate Natural Skincare To Look Less Tired

Nothing can beat the impact natural ingredients can have on your skin. They penetrate your skin and repair the damage that leads to dullness.

Keep an eye out for products that contain these star ingredients, and your skin will thank you. Here are some ingredients that can do wonders for your skin.

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

Tired skin is often due to free radicals. Ceylon Cinnamon powder is a magic ingredient full of antioxidants, which help your body handle free radicals. Ultimately giving you a brighter and more radiant skin.

Butterfly Pea Flower Powder

This heavenly ingredient heals and protects your skin. Butterfly Pea Flower powder increases collagen and elasticity and improves moisture retention. Enabling your skin to stay repaired and hydrated.

Maqui Berry Powder

After the dead skin cells build up, your skin needs products that nourish and cares for the skin cells. This is what Maqui Berry powder does. Its anti-aging and nourishing properties give you glowing and brightening skin.

Goji Berry Powder

You should search for this ingredient if you want more in less. Goji Berry powder is multi-purpose. This ingredient evens your skin, reduces hyper pigmentation, protects you from environmental damage, retains moisture, and promotes collagen production for youthful and elastic skin.

Acai Berry Powder

Last but not least Acai Berry powder. An ingredient that works for every skin type. Acai Berry hydrates, firms the skin, and contains vitamins that enhance skin health. But that’s not all; it also prevents acne and slows down the signs of aging.

Not only do all these ingredients taste absolutely amazing individually or blended together but they are full of vitamins, adaptogens and anti-inflammatory agents. 


It’s time to get back your skin glow. Start understanding the reason for your lifeless complexion and incorporate our tips to achieve brighter skin. If you want to recover your radiance fast, why not try our Blue Youth Skin Blend or Beauty Keeper Skin Blend?

Blue Youth Skin Blend and Beauty Keeper Skin Blend contain concentrated tea extract leaving you with youthful and radiant skin. This isn’t all; both products are made of only natural ingredients mentioned above that are guaranteed to give you a firmer, brighter, and glowy skin.

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